Why Use FRP?

Treadwell’s FRP products meet the relevant compliance code and standards. A cost-effective option compared to traditional materials of steel, concrete and timber, FRP also boasts the following benefits:


Being able to lifted and installed by hand allows for quicker installation and saves on rental of heavy machinery and labour costs. Lighter than traditional alternatives like steel, with exceptional strength to weight ratio, Treadwell’s FRP is strong enough for pedestrian, tidal and wave, as well as vehicular weight loadings.  


Weight also plays a part on the impact on the immediate infrastructure and environment. FRP in turn, places less stress on the surrounding environment, reducing wear and tear.


Treadwell’s FRP decking panels are constructed with an impregnated grit, making it a durable and long-lasting anti-slip surface. Unlike steel or wood, this grit is unaffected by wet or oily conditions, ensuring optimal safety for the user.

Production & Installation Time

Treadwell’s factory in Strathalbyn, South Australia, has the capabilities to pre-fabricate materials and are also assembled prior to installation for quality checks. This ensures that errors, if any, are promptly rectified, which makes site installation quick and easy.


Any variance on task can be easily managed with hand tools. No hot work or welding is required, eliminating the hassle of obtaining hot work permits. Treadwell’s FRP is also easily installed on site with our clips, bolts and screws, without the need for heavy machinery.

Low Maintenance & Long Lasting

With high durability, strength and corrosion resistance, Treadwell’s FRP is low maintenance and requires minimal repairs. This saves on labour and material costs. Being easy to maintain also reduces inconvenience to end users as downtime is minimised.


Treadwell’s unique surface finishing system ensures UV stability in exposed applications, directly eliminating the need for costly surface treatment. While colour might fade over time, the structural integrity remains robust. Constructed from premium resin systems, Treadwell’s FRP contains corrosion resistant properties, as well as fire retardant additives. This means that in the event of a fire, Treadwell’s FRP products will NOT act as fuel to the fire.


Treadwell’s FRP can be easily cleaned with a high-pressured power washer. There is no need for sandblasting, or other heavy maintenance methods. Treadwell’s ample stock holdings also minimises lead time in the event a part needs to be replaced.

Impact Resistance

Treadwell’s FRP products are high strength and can withstand high impact. While the surface might sustain minor scratches, the integrity of the structure remains unaffected.