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Market Leaders in Engineered Solutions for Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Systems in Recreational Public Infrastructure


The ultimate FRP solution, NatureTREAD™ is Treadwell’s answer to your Recreational Public Infrastructure project requirements. Over the years, the NatureTREAD™ brand has grown to include the complete range of Ex-Series® FRP grating and ArchitEX™ structural profiles. These products are offered with an extensive array of ancillary items and fixings.


Coupled with state-of-the-art machinery and engineered components, Treadwell is able to deliver a project from design to installation. We provide complete ‘Fit & Forget’ Solutions.

Designed to your specifications, built to last. Our boardwalks can be made flush against the natural floor of a nature reserve, or elevated according to the surrounding environment. With no hot works or welding required, any variance on task is easily accommodated, without impacting the environment. 

Balustrade are used to ensure safety of the public  as well as provide support to children, the elderly and the impaired. NatureTREAD™ balustrade systems are manufactured using the premium range of ArchitEX™ FRP structural profiles. These systems comprise of a range of materials including steel components such as grab rails.

The preferred choice over traditional materials like wood or metal, FRP staircases are constructed with a built-in anti-slip surface, and are able to withstand exposure to the corrosive coastal environment. With its lightweight characteristics, heavy machinery is not required for installation. This ensures the protection of the natural environment.

Where it is difficult to use steps or gently sloped walkways to negotiate changes in level, ramps provide a better alternative for people using wheelchairs or other mobility aids, and strollers. Ramps are also ideal for users carrying heavy water sports equipment.

Ideal where tidal influences are extreme and traditional floating systems are not feasible. These structures can be customised to suit the requirements and purpose of the infrastructure.

Jetties provide safe access between land and water vessels and boat launching facilities. Commonly constructed from traditional materials like concrete or wood, there has been a shift towards FRP to meet the requirements of longer service life and minimal maintenance.

Our premium resin systems offer exceptional resistance to acids, salts and alkalis. Our ArchitEX™ FRP Structural Profiles are able to withstand the corrosive marine environment and are also rot and termite proof. Being lightweight, heavy machinery is not required for installation.


Treadwell bridges have been installed in various environmental conditions. They withstand climates from dry desert heat, to the constant humidity in nature reserves, and to the snow conditions in Tasmania. With a long service life, minimal maintenance costs and low installation costs all combine to provide a very competitive long-term solution.

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